in my work i attempt to break convention and unlearn what i have been taught. i am interested in the space that exists between disciplines, an uncontrolled or undisciplined space that allows for experimentation.

at a young age i was told i was dyslexic and that i “learn differently” yet i was trained to learn in a conventional way. how can i unlearn what i have been taught my entire life? through my work i attempt to unlearn conventions.

i take an unrestrained approach to the way my brain takes in and puts out information. i imagine words entering my head as abstract forms that are jumbled and disjointed. they float around until they find a connection where they turn into sounds, meaningful letters and words.

art allows me to express myself in a space that does not need words. it is a visual language that articulates form and expression. the unconventional is an access point where risk taking, chance and instinct are an inevitable part of the process.

everyday experiences and observations serve as inspiration for my work. through curiosity i develop an idea and in the process a fitting medium (performance, video, photography, drawing) is chosen to represent a theme or concept. my intention is to engage the viewer and ultimately form a personal and memorable connection.